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Old World Charm

I imagine this is what it feels like go to Italy. Sitting in Compagno’s you’ll here nothing but compliments and well wishes for this amazing deli and it’s shop owner Bennett. I love it here. Definitely an amazing experience. If your looking for a great tasting sandwich that will make your day. THIS IS THE PLACE IN MONTEREY!

Eat Big and Hug Bennett

It all started for us after a great surf. Then we would go and have the best sandwich ever. We have been coming here for five years and it’s finally time to move on. We love it here. We are going to miss Compagnos. Compagno’s Deli has become a landmark for us. Anytime someone would come up to visit we would say, “You have to try a Compagnos sandwich. They are the best.” After a while you just want to come and see Bennett.